rebuttable presumption

rebuttable presumption
Jur. présomption simple/réfragable/réfutable

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  • Rebuttable presumption — Both in common law and in civil law, a rebuttable presumption (in Latin, praesumptio iuris tantum ) is an assumption made by a court, one that is taken to be true unless someone comes forward to contest it and prove otherwise. A rebuttable… …   Wikipedia

  • rebuttable presumption — In the law of evidence, a presumption which may be rebutted by evidence. Otherwise called a disputable presumption. A species of legal presumption which holds good until evidence contrary to it is introduced. Beck v. Kansas City Public Service Co …   Black's law dictionary

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  • presumption — pre·sump·tion /pri zəmp shən/ n: an inference as to the existence of a fact not certainly known that the law requires to be drawn from the known or proven existence of some other fact conclusive presumption: a presumption that the law does not… …   Law dictionary

  • presumption — An inference in favor of a particular fact. A presumption is a rule of law, statutory or judicial, by which finding of a basic fact gives rise to existence of presumed fact, until presumption is rebutted. Van Wart v. Cook, Okl.App., 557 P.2d 1161 …   Black's law dictionary

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  • presumption of law — An assumption made by the law itself, compelling the court to a resulting conclusion, which may or may not have a logical or reasonable foundation in basic fact. 29 Am J2d Ev § 163. A presumption which derives its force from the law of the… …   Ballentine's law dictionary